Bar Restaurante Nani Barbate

Especialidades en Pescados Frescos de la Bahía

Enjoy our delicious traditional cuisine

or discover the most innovative recipes

thanks to the best raw material

that gives us our unique natural environment

Bar Restaurante Nani Barbate Bar Restaurante Nani Barbate Bar Restaurante Nani Barbate Bar Restaurante Nani Barbate
Bar Restaurante Nani BarbateMenu
  • Salad of the House
    Tomato Salad
    Fine Tuna Variety with Red Peppers
    Red Tuna of Steam
    Assortment smoked Fish
    Assortment salted Fish
    Assortment canned Fish
    Dressing Cod Roe
    Roe with mayonnaise
    Russian Salad
    Dressing Octopus
    Galician Octopus
    Anchovies Sardines
  • Prawn Fritters
    Pieces of Fried Fish
    Squid Big Variety
    Sea Anemones
    Fried Prawns
    Marinated Fish
    Fried Roe
    Assortment Fried Fish
    Small Squids
    Croquettes of Squid Big Variety
    Croquettes of Fish
    Croquettes of Meat
  • White Prawns on the Griddle
    Boiled White Prawns
    Tiguer King Prawns on de Griddle
    Boiled Tiguer King Prawns
    Garlic Prawns
    Clams Fisherman's Style
  • Griddle Squid
    Gilt Head Bream
    Skewer Fish
    Skewer Prawns
    Fish Fillet
    Red Tuna Cooked on the Griddle
    Mackerei Cut Open and Grilled
    Grilled Sardines
    Grilled Anchovies
  • Chicken Fillet
    Chicken Breaded Fillet
    Pork Tenderloin
    Beef Entrecote
    Pork Loin Tape
  • Fish and Seafood Casserole
    Grill of Fish of the Day
    Fish Paella
    Tuna in Onion Souce
    Black Rice Paella
  • Lobito
    Fried Squids
    Pork Steak
    Small Squids
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Promenade of Barbate (Cádiz)

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